EarthVoice: new podcast

Originally posted on December 31, 2015

by Cherice Bock
Editor, Whole Terrain

pilot episode of a new podcast of potential interest to our readers is available now, and she needs our help. The podcast is called EarthVoice, and it’s the passion project of one of the authors from our Trust volume, Elizabeth Claire Alberts. Of the endeavor, Alberts says, “EarthVoice is an audio storytelling program that will explore the role activism plays in the modern environmental and animal rights movements. I plan to take listeners onto the front lines of some of the most cutting-edge campaigns, combining creative storytelling techniques, innovative sound design, and investigative journalism.” This year, she will produce ten 30-minute podcasts lined up, and they will be published on The Ecologist. Each episode will also be available through iTunes and SoundCloud, and on the EarthVoice website. Subjects she will cover in 2016 include: the Black Mamba Anti-Poaching unit in South Africa, Wolf Patrol in the United States, and the Jane Goodall Institute’s Roots & Shoots program. I already listened to the pilot episode, about a shark in a van, and it was well done and fun to listen to!

Alberts is funding this project through a crowdfunding campaign. Check it out, share the link, and if you have some cash to spare to get these great stories out into podcast-land, please do.

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Cherice Bock edited Whole Terrain's volumes 22 and 23, "Trust" and "Breaking Bread." She is currently a general editor and works mainly on soliciting, editing, and creating web content.

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