Announcing: Web Content Call

If you were to ask a mayfly for the time, what would it reply? How is its sense of time comparable to Aldabra giant tortoise? Neither wears a Rolex, but both are governed by the same rules of nature, in that a lifespan of a single member of a species is finite.

Are you a wildlife biologist?  Field researcher?  Grad student in the sciences?  In concert with our print volume theme of About Time, we would like to explore the experience of different species through the lens of time. Give Whole Terrain your professional insight into the creatures and plants you hold dear. You might consider  addressing  questions like: How has the species experienced change, loss, expansion or extinction? At what period did the species thrive, and how have human beings impacted their preferred environment?

For this call for web content, we request narrative nonfiction and engaging essays on the theme About Time. We welcome visual art relating to reflective environmental practice and the topic About Time.  If selected, your piece will be posted on the Whole Terrain blog.  Especially vivid or insightful pieces may be considered for our print volume.  Take a look at the full call for submissions for more information.

Written submissions should be about 1000-1500 words.

You can submit a series of up to 10 pieces of visual art.  

Send submissions to and put “About Time Web” in the subject line.