Volume 11: Gratitude and Greed

Published in 2003

People with environmental concerns experience expressions of greed everywhere, in nature as well as in human actions. What is greed, and what is its source? Greed can be viewed as a requirement for evolutionary success, but it can also lead to imbalance and loss. Are we witnessing symptoms of some deeper cultural affliction?

Does gratitude mollify greed, or do greed and gratitude surround each other and unfold together? What motivates our gratitude? Expressions of gratitude are present in our communities, families, personal experiences, and in nature. How do the rituals of our spiritual, literary, and artistic traditions help maintain the balance between greed and gratitude? Does gratitude support sustainable communities, ecological or human?

How does one respond—personally or professionally—to the interplay between greed and gratitude? Whole Terrain invites submissions that reflect uncommon experiences and insights on the relationship between greed, gratitude and environmental practice.

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