Volume 13: Risk

Environmental practice is risky business. Every day, we make personal and professional choices predicated on assessments of risk to the planet and risk to ourselves.We risk our resources, our reputations, our own welfare and the welfare of other species to make urgent and controversial choices to protect the environment. Contributors to this issue of Whole Terrain probe into the nature of risk and offer innovative ways to evaluate its role in our lives and work.

Editor’s Note

Alexandra Contosta

Cover Art

Gregory Frux

Graphic Design

Laurie Webster


Katja Schindler and Kimberly Batti


Risking Life and Limb in Forest Restoration
Jerry Keir

A Hudson River Immersion
Laird Christensen and Jon Jensen

Numbers and Nerves: Toward an Effective Apprehension of Environmental Risk
Scott Slovic and Paul Slovic

Other Voices
Elizabeth Solet

Dirt and Sorrow
Alexandra Contosta

Journey to the Lotus
Gregory William Frux

Risk in the 1996 Mount Everest Tragedy: A Group Perspective
Lorraine Mangione

Tools and Weapons of the Wild
Meera Patankar

Risk: What’s Acceptable and Who Decides: An Interview with Thomas Webler
Stephen Gregory

The Risk Jack Took
Kathleen Dean Moore