Volume 16: ((r)e)volution

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Revolution and evolution are strikingly different processes, yet both can create new life and new paradigms when conditions are ripe. As threats to the environment ascend in our psyche, and as technological insights radicalize our view of nature, are we engaged in a revolution with our relationship to the natural world? Or are we evolving at a glacial pace, unable to adapt to the changes happening around us? This volume of Whole Terrain reflects on the link between evolution and revolution that we have defined as ((r)e)volution.

Editor’s Note: The Indianapolis Monkey Trial
Peter Davenport

Cover Art

Front cover: Evolution’s End Point
Roger Peet

Back cover: Quixotic Chimera
Briony Morrow-Cribbs


Katja Schindler


Night Ridazz
Donald Strauss

Sunken Ground and Empty Oceans
Philip Camill

Revolution: beauty and the coming-apart of beauty, becoming beauty again
Janisse Ray

Into the iWilderness
Hannah Alpert-Abrams

Going Soft: Responsibility, Change, and the Environment
Samantha Tibbetts

The Evolution Revolution: How do species originate anyway?
Lynn Margulis with Peter Davenport

The Environmental Evangelist: An Interview with Jonathan Merritt
Peter Davenport

Finding Our Voice on the Singing Planet
Jim Cummings

Waves of Stillness
John L. Crockett

The Next Fuel Transition
Twyla Dell

Copernicus and the Boogeyman
Lafe Metz