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Boundaries represent limits that confine, constrain, or exclude; yet they also provide identity, protection, and safety. Some boundaries are solidly grounded in geographical or ecological fact, others are superimposed by political action, and still others are conveyed by culture and tradition. In this volume of Whole Terrain, contributors explore the boundaries between states, nations, cultures, species, and ecosystems, as well as those dividing the safe from the toxic, and reality from belief. They look at what happens when traditional boundaries break down, but also at what occurs when political and geographic boundaries turn into barriers of steel, asphalt, and concrete.

Editors’ Note by Martha Campagna and Dan Kemp

Cover Art: Torii Gate
Sue Allen

Sophy Tuttle

Graphic Design
Laurie Webster


Walking to California
Michael P. Branch

Travis McDonald

The Myth of the Green Bubble
Alexandra Zissu

Boundaries of Time and Place
Kim Langmaid

Misty Sunrise
Kari Post

Of Boundaries and Chestnuts
Bernd Heinrich

Krista Schyler

Rites of Passage, Manti La Sal Spruce Beetle Detection I
Erika Osborne

Approaching the Wild
Catherine Reid

Islands Without Shores
Peter J. Marchand

Rose McLarney

Where the Rose Gentian Grows
Julie Zickefoose

The Arava Family
Annie Jacobs

Leopards on the Loose
Lynne Shapiro

Four Wonders and a Funeral
Thomas Urquhart

Fence Tests
Julia Shipley

Sheep and Light
Robin Boyd


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