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Everything and everyone eats; it’s the cycle that connects us most thoroughly with the world around us. In this volume, authors and artists reflect on the implications of breaking bread, from the ritual of sharing a meal to the brokenness of our current food system, from the joys of eating food we participated in growing to the fascination of learning about the food cycles of other species. Join us on this culinary, cultural, and interspecies adventure.

Editor’s Note
Cherice Bock



An Ecumenical-Interspecific Communion
Gary Paul Nabhan

Lessons from a Prison Garden: Planting Wheat and Breaking Bread with Nature and Each Other
Molly Hicks

“Our Boy’s Bread” and “Primitive Intelligence”
Kim Stafford

A Recipe for Healing
Fadia Jawdat

Temples of Salt
Kaz Sussman

Delaware Bay: When shorebirds and shellfish farms compete for habitat, is there room for compromise?
Joe Smith

Coming to the Table: Farmworker Justice in Ventura County
Sarah Nolan 

The Tangled Banquet, A Words & Pictures Story
Dave Huth

Excerpts from Bountiful Harvest
Betty LaDuke

Breaking Bread on the African Savanna
Susan Jane Gentile

F.A.R.M.S.: An Interview with Jillian Hishaw
Cherice Bock

Playing God
Kristen Przyborski

A Harvest for All the Senses
Susan Pollack

Wonder Bread
Terry Minchow-Proffitt

Abbie Gascho Landis

Slow Living
Lettie Stratton


Graphic Design
Vivian Kimball

Sophy Tuttle


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