Volume 3: Environmental Ethics at Work

While it is admirable to have an environmental ethic, maintaining such an ethic is difficult in both practice and theory. Contributors include a US EPA president and a US DOE whistleblower, who have faced ethical dilemmas in the workplace. Despite the risks, they stood up for their beliefs, learning in the process that adhering to their deepest convictions brought great rewards.

Editor’s Note

Taking Risks: Environmental Ethics at Work
Jill Schwartz and Catriona Glazebrook, Editors


Father Thomas Berry: A Reverence for Life
Interview with Father Thomas Berry

Managing the Earth Household: A Green Perspective on Ethics and Economics
Steve Chase

Identity and Ethics: From Ecclesiastical to Ecological
Philip Clark

Ethical Behavior: Destiny or Disease
Casey Ruud

EPA Headquarters: The Challenge on the Front Lines
Dwight Welch

Accepting the Gift Without the Giver
Ruth Jacquot

Ethics in the Newsroom
Andrew Brengle

David Brower: Of Ethics, Boldness and Butterflies
Interview with David Brower

The Images of Whole Terrain
Ty Minton

For Dian Fossey
Howard Nelson

Temporary Participants and Touching
Sandy Fink