Whole Terrain Editorial Board

Rowland S. Russell, Managing Director

Rowland S. Russell has served on Whole Terrain‘s editorial board since 1999 and as managing director since 2005.  He received a PhD in environmental studies from Antioch University New England in 2008.  A writer, editor, educator, and third generation artist, he has a special interest in the American nature writing tradition and how it addresses the human-nature relationship.  He has offered coursework in natural history, place-based writing, environmental literature, and ecopsychology.  He is currently working on three separate manuscripts: “The Ecology of Paradox,” “Thinking Like a Mountain,” and “Radical Slowness.”

Rowland has also co-founded or served on the board of a number of organizations at the crossroads of youth, nature, creativity, education, and restoration, including King County World Conservation Corps, Seattle Youth Garden Works, Compassionate Connections Youth Mentoring, Monadnock Farm and Community Connections, and the Glen Brook Writers & Artists Retreat.  He was a long time member of the Art Not Terminal collective in Seattle, co-organized the Monadnock Literary and Arts Festival in Marlborough NH, and has curated numerous art exhibits and multi-arts performance events on each coast.


Michael Metivier, Managing Editor

Michael Metivier earned his master of science degree in environmental studies from Antioch University New England in 2012. He served as Whole Terrain‘s editor for volume 19, “Net Works,” and was the coordinating editor of volume 20, “Heresy.” He is currently an assistant editor at Chelsea Green Publishing in White River Junction, VT. A poet, his work has appeared recently in journals including PoetryNorth American ReviewWashington SquarejubilatCrazyhorse, and African American Review. He lives with his wife and daughter on the north side of Mount Ascutney in Windsor, VT.


Dan Kemp

Dan Kemp is a writer and naturalist. After a career in software and product design, he left the business world to pursue graduate study at Antioch University New England. In 2011, he received a master of science degree in environmental studies. He was the co-editor of Whole Terrain volume 18, “Boundaries” and a contributing editor for volume 20, “Heresy.” Dan currently writes for an environmental arts program in Concord, MA, as well as doing  photography and video production. In the warmer months, he can be found in Holderness, NH, where he gives live animal talks at a nature center, monitors conservation land, messes about in boats, and tries to build things with wood.  He is currently working on a film about an island in Squam Lake, and learning about cosmology at Wellesley College.


Brett Amy Thelen

Brett Thelen is science director for the Harris Center for Conservation Education, a land trust and environmental education organization based in the Monadnock Region of southwestern New Hampshire. She received her M.S. in environmental studies, with a concentration in conservation biology, from Antioch University New England in 2007. She edited Whole Terrain Volume 14, “Celebration and Ceremony,” and has served on the Whole Terrain editorial board since 2006. Prior to her graduate work, she conducted all manner of ecological field research at Cape Cod National Seashore. She received her B.A. in literary and cultural studies from the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, VA.

When not at work, Brett can be found roaming the dunes of outer Cape Cod, scratching her way up desert cinder cones, or moving frogs and salamanders across the road on rainy nights. Every now and then, she shares photographs or writings on her personal blog, washashore.


Alesia Maltz

Alesia Maltz teaches the environmental humanities and arts in Antioch University New England‘s doctoral program in environmental studies.  Her background is in environmental history, history of science, public health, and the environmental arts.  She conducts research on indigenous knowledge, food and the environment, and the history of nutrition.  Please see her web page for a list of publications and doctoral dissertations.




Rochelle Gandour-Rood

Rochelle Gandour-Rood has been Trout Unlimited’s national youth education coordinator since 2008. She started at TU in 2005 as the New York trout in the classroom coordinator, and came to TU from the classroom, having taught science at Connelly Middle School for three years. Her particular areas of interest include facilitating environmental education in formal classroom settings, environmental communications for youth, and exploring the environment through the arts. Rochelle holds an M.S. in environmental studies, with an emphasis on environmental education and communications, from Antioch University New England, and a B.A. in Chemistry from Grinnell College.


Whole Terrain Staff

Cherice Bock, Editor of “Trust” and “Breaking Bread”

Cherice Bock is a current editor of Whole Terrain. She edited volume 22, Trust, and volume 23, Breaking Bread, and is now overseeing web content. She is a PhD candidate in environmental studies at Antioch University New England. With a BA in psychology (George Fox University) and a Master of Divinity (Princeton Theological Seminary), Cherice’s varied background and interests bring a unique angle to Whole Terrain. Her love of writing and editing goes back as far as she can remember. From scribbling “letters” on notebook paper as a toddler to typing stories on a black screen with green letters in grade school, her joy of communicating through the written word continues to this day. She has a knack for copyediting and for drawing out the intended meaning of others’ writing, and she enjoys collaborating with writers to create polished finished products. The daughter of an artist, her interest in and eye for aesthetics has been honed since birth, and she enjoys discovering new artists and sharing their work. Cherice hopes to focus on environmental justice and ethics in her PhD, and welcomes Whole Terrain submissions on these themes. She believes the arts can be avenues of connection between individuals and our world, aligning our inward and outward landscapes and producing deep conviction that can lead to active, holistic justice for our planet.


Tammy Cloutier, Staff

Tammy Cloutier is an environmental studies PhD student at Antioch University New England with a master’s degree in wildlife science and a BS in psychobiology. To put it simply, animals and conservation are her passion. It is what leads her to pursue a career that contributes in positive ways to the lives of both humans and animals, which she plans to accomplish through her love of research, writing, and art.

Nature has always inspired and centered her — whether it is a walk through the New England woods, listening to the crash of ocean waves, or simply observing animals going about their daily lives. This pull from the natural world is also what pushes her to lend her voice for its protection and appreciation.

Aside from her PhD research that focuses on human-wildlife interactions, she is also in the process of writing a children’s book series (wildlife- and conservation-related, of course!), and is hoping to re-awaken her artistic side through drawing, painting, and/or sculpture.

Tammy is excited about the opportunity to work with the Whole Terrain staff, and looks forward to contributing and learning as much as possible.

Regan Humphrey, Editor of “About Time”

Regan Humphrey is a prolific writer and travel enthusiast. She studied in three countries outside the US during her undergraduate years, both in the UK and Southeast Asia. Her latest published works include a five-act play and a novel, What A Heart Loves, and a thesis dedicated to literary and academic analyses of love. After receiving bachelor’s degrees in both cross-cultural relations and creative arts, writing, and performance, she enrolled at Antioch University in the MA program for Marriage & Family Therapy.



Natty Hussey, Web Content Editor

Natty Hussey is working toward a professional Master of Science degree in the Research Management and Conservation program at Antioch University. He lives in Greenfield, MA with his wife, where he works at a local elementary school. He served three years in Macedonia with the US Peace Corps. He is an avid runner, having finished half marathons in Europe and Asia, and has competed in the Berkshire Highland Pentathlon four years running. Even with a lifelong wanderlust, Natty is very much a home-body.