Volume 11: Gratitude & Greed

What can we define as greed, and what is its source? Is greed a symptom of some deeper affliction? There may be responses to greed that are powerful enough to turn our focus in other directions. Do our literary or spiritual traditions support shifting our focus to gratitude? Does gratitude overcome greed, or do we simply use it to mollify our guilt? Contributors to this issue of Whole Terrain examine personal and professional responses to gratitude and greed as they relate to environmental practice.

Editor’s Note

Michael Wojtech


The Next Customer
Ethan Gilsdorf

The Arrow of Biological Time
Laird Christensen

Counting Coquinas
April Newlin

Who Hears the Fishes When They Cry?
Jonathan Schach

Seeing Through the Changes
Heidi Watts

The Fisherman
Peter Temes

The Disease of Appetite
John H. Van Ness

Facing Our Relationship with Matter; The Art of Mierle Laderman Ukeles
June LaCombe

Ecological Karma
Paul Krafel

The Disease of Appetite
John H. Van Ness

Charles Mitchell

Practicing with Greed
Stephanie Kaza

A Conversation with Lewis Hyde
Alesia Maltz

Fat with Frits
Robert Michael Pyle