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By focusing on trust in this issue, we are not encouraging a sentimental, Romantic ideal of “trusting nature” and idealizing its sublime qualities. On the contrary, the thread common to the pieces in this issue in many ways turns this idea on its head. These authors ask, “Am I trustworthy? Am I — are we as human beings — living in such a way that we are worthy of the trust of those around us, human beings and otherwise?” Can we trust our very selves?

Editor’s Note by Cherice Bock



Being There
Clarisse Hart

Three True Stories About Dispersion
Lené Gary

Trust in the Unseen: Building an Ethical Relationship with Nature in Traditional Algonquin Society
Evan Pritchard

North Sector
Allison Augustyn

Scout’s Honor
Michael P. Branch

The Sound of Climate Change
Jeff Todd Titon

Selections from “Vanished Forest”
Tviga Vasilyeva

Deepening Trust
Sarah Bowen

Selections from “The Silent Evolution”
Jason deCaires Taylor

Selections from “Exiled from Truth: Nine Allegories”
Dmitry Borshch

The Howl Within Us
Carolyn Munro

Reflections of a Wildlife Rehabilitator
Deborah Galle

“A Letter from the Giving Tree” and “Ham & Cheese”
New Terrain Award Winner Sophie Dillon

An Intrepid Scientist: An Interview with Dr. Jennifer Lavers
Elizabeth Claire Alberts

Cindy Ellen Hill

No Trusts Without Trust
Heidi Watts


Graphic Design
Vivian Kimball

Sophy Tuttle


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