Volume 17: Significance of Scale

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We grapple with questions on orders of magnitude both great and small. This volume collects the work of environmentalists, writers, and artists, who have perspectives on and questions about the significance of scale. Contributors include Kathleen Dean Moore, Jeffrey Hollander, Charles Siebert, Sandra Steingreber, John Calderazzo, Seth Kantner and New Terrain Award winner Nicole Wooten.

Editor’s Note

Rochelle Gandour and Vivian Kimball, Editors


Cover Artist

Light Bulbs, 2008
Chris Jordan


Sophy Tuttle


Green Umbrellas, Puzzle Pieces, and The Private Eye
Kerry Ruef

Richard Wagner

The Cellularist Manifesto
Charles Siebert

How Wide is the Ocean
Tamara Adkins

Excerpts from Running the Numbers II
Chris Jordan

From Alaska
Seth Kantner

John Calderazzo

Big, Small, and the Bridge Between
Jeffrey Hollender

Tragedies in Common
Charles G. Curtin

Pat Musick

On the Plural of “Anecdote” and the Singular of “Data”: an Interview with Sandra Steingraber
Rochelle Gandour

Refugia of the Toads
Kathleen Dean Moore

Thank the Stars
Nicole Wooten

Perseus A, NGC 1275
Reeve Gutsell


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