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Metamorphosis is transformation, a significant change occurring over a period of time, forever altering a being, object, species, or community. Contributors to this issue of Whole Terrain explore various metamorphic processes from a variety of scales and perspectives, illuminating how we, as humans, experience such transformations.

Editor’s Note by Nat Morgan



Monarch Butterflies, North American Foodsheds, and That Which Feeds Our Spirits
Gary Paul Nabhan

Evolution / In Yellowstone Winter / Spirit Lake
John Calderazzo

Life-Changing Chemicals
Emily MonossonMetamorphosis, The Mind

Space to Place: An Interview with Stephanie Speights
Don Strauss

Whose Air Did I Breathe?
Fern G. Z. Carr

Angels and Butterflies in a Sea of Change
Kristen Przyborski

Visual Essays
by Alicia Hunsicker and Mariana Palova

The Price of the Run
Catherine Doucette

Eating Italy
Lyssa Tall Anolik

Of Mountains, Glaciers, and Goethe
Kimberly Langmaid

Streams of Metaphor
Fred Taylor

Floating Bog
Robin Boyd


Graphic Design
Vivian Kimball

Sophy Tuttle


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