Volume 15: Where is Nature?

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Within the varied landscapes of the human experience, the identity of nature can be both diverse and elusive. In the current age of websites, global markets, and space travel, our conceptions of where to find nature may be expanding. Seeking priorities and strategies in environmental work, we grapple with the question: Where is nature?

Editor’s Note

Desktop Windows
Annie Jacobs

Cover Art

Front cover: “Firework”
Ivan Koulakov

Back cover: “l’unité”
Michelle E. Korte Leccia


Katja Schindler


The Cathedral and the Shell
John Tallmadge

Modern Nomads in Desert Time
Eric Pallant

Nature’s Patterns
Meghan A. Sullivan

Untitled Fibonacci Poems
Beebe Barksdale-Bruner

Farmhouse Zen
Mae Lee Sun

Tyler Sparks

City Harvest
Jeny Randall

Bark and Blood
David Haskell

Native Ground
Kristina Stinson

The Spaces Between: Voices from the Field, an interview with John Calderazzo, Freeman Dyson, Rachel Thiet, and Keith Winsten
Annie Jacobs and Whole Terrain Editorial Board

Couvade Days
Michael P. Branch

Levees, Love
Sheryl St. Germain