Volume 12: Resilience

What sparks the transforming energy of an urban community garden? Why are some endangered species able to recover while others go extinct? How do some environmentalists sustain lifelong endeavors without losing faith or focus? What will it take for critically damaged ecosystems to rebound back to health? Contributors to Volume 12 of Whole Terrain reflect upon the resilience required to sustain ecological and social communities and the characteristics—dignity, wisdom, flexibility, courage, humility and humor—that make such resilience possible.

Editor’s Note

Sturm und Drang
Debra Mackey


Mara Glatzel

On Sagadahoc Bay
Alison Deming

Under the Influence of Ironwood
Alison Deming

Cover Story: A Pelican Parable
Debra Mackey

The Arrow of Biological Time
John Tallmadge

Frogs, Fires, and False Alarms
Bernd Heinrich

Sensing the Background
Jonathan Schach

Seeing Through the Changes
Fred Taylor

Resilience of Memory
Leah Majofis

Ladybug Hill
Tim Otter

Prayer, Preparation, and Persistence: A Conversation with Willie Fontenot
Debra Mackey

Wildfire Summer
Ann Zwinger