Volume 6: Creative Collaborations

Published in 1998

Some of our most extraordinary learning opportunities occur when we become involved with people or groups unlike ourselves. Such experiences can be the foundation for interesting political and professional arrangements—forming unusual relationships in order to achieve a common goal. What happens when groups with seemingly different values and agendas join together to solve difficult environmental problems?

Stories have emerged recently about realtors consulting with naturalists to plan sustainable ecological communities. Environmental educators are working with medical schools to develop a more environmentally sound curriculum. Ranchers are meeting with environmental educators to create new teaching approaches for wildlife management. The 1997 issue of Whole Terrain will explore the challenges, difficulties, and rewards inherent in these innovative projects. We are looking for stories about “constructive coalitions” and what it is like to be a part of one. Have you been involved in these types of projects? How have they fared? How have they challenged you to rethink your political and/or professional orientations?

Whole Terrain is interested in receiving for consideration submissions that reflect, describe, and critique these “constructive coalitions.”

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