Artist: [sic]

Originally posted February 12, 2008

Eiffel” by [sic]

I come from a small agricultural town in Northern California where the line between nature and cordoned human life was never strict. Since leaving for college at age 18, I have more or less lived in large cosmopolitan cities: Los Angeles, Madrid, San Francisco, New York City. Now I know the nature of a human soul split between city and country.

The anthropocentric city connects human to human but disengages human from its natural connection. Electric light extends the day; buildings allow only a small degree glimpse at the movement of celestial bodies; our internal clocks are rearranged; a grid is laid over the structure and flow of life. The urban human is essentially unplugged from natural flow; “nature” becomes a life preserver thrown into a sea of concrete.

From this standpoint, “Eiffel” shows respect and astonishment with the feats of human while looking skyward and asking this question of “Where is Nature?” In this case, I believe an exclamation mark is a good addition alongside the question mark.

— [sic]

Bio: [sic] is a conceptual media artist whose works focus on the creation of emotive narrative architectures. His immersive and interactive installations cull influence from a hybrid terrain of theory and culture, informed by the moving image, pop, technology, the public/street, performance and music.

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