Originally posted on September 14, 2011

If you gave a 250 acre farm over to a group of writers, artists, actors, musicians and filmmakers for three days, you might well get anarchy. Or you’d get an amazing festival…

September 16-18, 2011

Glen Brook’s annual Monadnock Literary & Arts Festival invites writers, artists, musicians – and participants – to celebrate the effects of place on our daily lives. Whether we live in city neighborhoods, the suburbs or exurbs, or rural landscape, our environment affects who we are: our choice of music and entertainment, our outdoor adventures and our culinary tastes, even the friends we choose. Artists and writers and visitors are invited to Glen Brook’s Marlborough, New Hampshire, campus to celebrate three days of the arts – writer discussions and readings, artist presentations, and musical performances.

This year’s writers include Alexandra Zissu, author of Planet Home and contributor to The New York Times, New Hampshire humorist Rebecca Rule, Christian McEwen, author of Wolrd Enough and Time, Rick Carey, author of Our Own Version of Iowa–and many others. Musical performances include Peter Siegel, Erica Wheeler, and New Hampshire’s own Lunch at the Dump! Featured artists include Wolf Kahn and several others. Join us for a two-day celebration of the arts!

Find the schedule and more details at glenbrook.org

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