Volume 8: Legacy and Posterity

Published in 2000

As environmental professionals, we carry the legacy of thinkers, activists, and communities who have gone before, and our own actions inform a legacy for those who follow. In a culture where intergenerational dialogue is rare, what constitutes a passing-on from one generation of environmentalists to the next, and what facilitates this kind of communication? What knowledge and guidance have we received from the past, and what do we hope our work will provide for the future?

The 8th issue of Whole Terrain will explore issues of legacy and posterity in relation to ecological identity and environmental work. ‘Legacy” indicates something bequeathed or received. It also refers to the charge of an ambassador or deputy. How do we conceive of our charge as environmental professionals, and how are we shaping opportunities and challenges for posterity—for all of our descendants? As environmental issues have evolved and the nature of our work has changed, have we learned lessons that might be useful to those who are just beginning work in environmental fields?

We are accepting for consideration submissions that share perspectives on how legacy and posterity are shaped by environmental identity and activism, and vice versa. We welcome contributors who are reflecting on long experience in environmental fields as well as those who are new to environmental work.

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